Namibia Tours


4x4 bus travel

Luxury accommodation

2 meals per day

Departs from Pretoria, Cape Town and Windhoek

International flights to and from Namibia included

Namaqua Tours hosts an amazing 10 day tour to Namibia. Visit the highlights of this pristine country with 2 meals a day, luxury accommodation that compliment the setting and a airplane ticket to or from Namibia.


Our dates for the Namibia tour for 2021 are as following:

  • Nam 4/1 Wed. 03 March – Sat. 13 March 2021 1
  • Nam 4/2 Wed. 03 March – Sat. 13 March 2021 1
  • Nam 4/3 Tue. 13 Apr – Fri. 23 Apr 2021 2
  • Nam 4/4 Tue. 27 Apr – Fri. 07 May 2021 2
  • Nam 4/5 Fri. 01 Oct – Mon. 11 Oct 20212
  • Nam 4/6 Mon. 01 Nov – Thu. 11 Nov 2021 2
  • Nam/ Bot 5/5 Wed. 13 Oct – Sat. 23 Oct 20213

1 Departing from Pretoria
2 Departing from Cape Town
3 Departing from Windhoek Arebbusch


From the fish to Etosha

From the south close to South-Africa’s boarder all the way to Etosha National Park in the north, we visit the tot tourist attractions that make Namibia so breathtaking. Like with our flagship flower tours we strive to give our clients the absolute best experience.

As with our well known flower tours, we strive to offer the very best experience and make use of only the very best accommodation.

  • Visit the Fish River Canyon.
  • Look out over the immense twists and turns carved out by water over the millennia.
  • See the wildlife in Etosha.
  • Experience the extraordinary diversity of cultures and more.


Rich history and spectacular wildlife

Our route takes us to the coastal town of Luderitz and the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop. Here we will take a guided tour. Except for the terrific photo opportunities, this town leaves you in awe of the technology from that time. From here we will follow the gravel road deep into the desert.

  • Visit Kolmanskop.
  • View the wild horses of the Namib.
  • Experience the awe inspiring beauty of the D707.
  • Visit Sossusvlei in the Namib-Naukluft National Park.


Where the magnitude makes you feel small

There is few sights more spectacular than the sunrise over the sand-see that change the silhouette into rusty red sand dunes. You have to be there to believe it. When you walk into the Deadvlei with rosy red sand dunes surrounding you on all 4 sides it is easy to feel small in this big world.


  • Wonder into Deadvlei.
  • Awe inspiring beauty of the Namib desert.
  • Feel small in a huge desert.


The tourism hub of Namibia

In contra with the sunrise over the dunes on the east you get the spectacular sunsets into the ocean on the west. We visit the moon landscape, the Welwitschia plains and oasis. Goanikontes which promise to be an unexpected highlight of the tour. Enjoy a day to yourself where you can explore.

  • Moonlandascape and oasis Goanikontes.
  • The unique Welwitschia mirabilis.
  • See where the desert meets the ocean.


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