Important things to keep in mind when you come flower watching:

Namaqualand consists of 4 regions:

  1. Richtersveld – In the north western part of Namaqualand and is a mountain desert which is preferably accessible by a 4x4 vehicle.
  2. Namaqualand Klipkoppe – This area is just south of the Richtersveld and is very mountainous with huge granite mountains. Definitely an area not to be left out. Rather visit this area before the second half of September because of the heat.
  3. Knersvlakte – south of the Hardeveld and borders the Bokkeveld Mountains in the east, has lowest rainfall in the region, but takes pride in its many endemic plants, especially dwarf succulents and insects.
  4. Namaqualand Coastal plains – along the coast for about 50 km inland. Also known as the Namaqua unspoilt west coast, and reaching from the Orange River mouth to the Olifants River.

Other areas that we visit:

  1. Bokkeveld/Bushmanland - in the Nieuwoudtville area which is also known as the capital of bulbous plants in the world.
  2. Swartland – this name is deceptive, as the Swartland is beautifully green in August and September and takes pride in its most lovely spread of yellow canola flowers, which is therefore the best months to visit this area.
  3. Olifants River Valley – This area takes pride in having the largest wine cellar in the southern hemisphere! And it is a very interesting area to visit with its rich history and canal system.
  4. West Coast - The unspoilt natural beauty of the west coast is always admired by tourists.

It is very important and maybe compulsory to visit as many areas in Namaqualand as possible. Therefore we are very blessed to stay in Namaqualand and to undertake our tours from here, which is why we know exactly where to find the flowers. We know exactly what happens in our region and we keep a close eye on the rainfall, we know the areas and all the hidden treasures it has to offer.

We ensure that each flower tour tourist sees only the most beautiful flowers possible. It is important that you should bear in mind that it is our rain season, and if you planned to stay in a different town each night and you have to travel from one specific town to another while it rains, you may not see any flowers due to the weather that moves with you. This is why we hold the right to exchange our daily travel plans to adjust to the weather, but surely we will do everything mentioned on the itinerary. These are some of the reasons Namaqua Tours are the best name to trust to give you the best value for your money.